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The Janitell Library is a home for all Jaguars! We have comfortable seating, staff that are engaging and welcoming, strategy games, computers for student use, and many more resources. The Janitell Library focuses on the following: 

Student Interests: Rather than simply providing access to books, the Janitell Library engages the interests of our students. We are continually adding to manga, graphic novel, and book collections that are interesting to teens. We also provide and are continually developing a collection of tabletop games, including classics such as Chess and Settlers of Catan, along with innovative games like Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. 


Clubs and Activities: The Library is the center of many clubs and activities. In addition to the library staff, many other Janitell teachers facilitate their clubs in the library, making Janitell one of the best places for after school activities.

Technology and Multimedia: the Library is a technology-rich environment. We provide access to e-books, online databases, and educational software. We also provide permit and support a few specific computer games, including a new E-sports club and computer-based strategy games like Battle for Wesnoth.


Mr. Flesher, Janitell Librarian

Collaboration: the Library staff work with teachers and other school staff to align our library resources and programming with their curricula. We provide books, presentations, and lessons to make classroom instruction a more engaging experience for students.

Student Involvement: many students choose to become library assistants. Students take on leadership roles within the library, serving students and staff, improving library displays, and working on goal-directed projects.