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The Hardworking Yearbook Students
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"You can’t move forward without saying goodbye to the past." -- Author unknown

Do you know how much work and effort the yearbook class puts into the advertisement of the yearbooks? They spend the entire year or semester! Along with that they also take about a semester or more taking pictures for the yearbooks.

When asked how long it took to make an advertisement for the yearbook, one student I interviewed said, “it takes about two or three weeks to complete the advertisements.” I then asked her if yearbook was an enjoyable elective and she answered, “Yes! Yearbook is so much fun. You get to learn new things and try different things”.

When asked if she recommended yearbook to students she said, “ Yes, I do recommend yearbook because it’s a new learning opportunity and you get to use your creativity skills”.

Yearbook is hard work but is very important to people.

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