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The Benefits of Drawing
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Drawing isn’t just a hobby, people can benefit from drawing both academically and mentally. Drawing can help with motor skills, stress relieving, and behavior, which in turn, can improve your lifestyle. 
Drawing has been proven to help academically.

Research shows that “greater arts education led to fewer disciplinary infractions and higher attendance.” Drawing can help students feel more positive and refreshed, which in turn can help students with behavior in school. Better behavior in school can lead to concentrating and learning more easily, which can lead to better scores on assignments and better grades. Drawing can also help boost memory, which makes school notes easier to remember. 

Drawing also has mental benefits. Drawing can help both children and adults relieve stress by taking them away from whatever is giving them their stress/anxiety and giving them a safe place where they can use their imagination and be free. 

There are many benefits to drawing, and those two certainly aren’t the only benefits!

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