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The Affectionate, Caring, and Outstanding Teacher, Mrs. Morrell
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A gallant pedestal, a teaching genius, and an overall monarch -- we are here to represent Mrs. Morell as one of our star teachers in the 2021-2022 school year.

Mrs. Morrell said, “she has been a teacher at Janitell since 2010 when they brought up 6th grade but did leave for two years and returned in 2018.” She helps around the school by working dances. She is a Gifted and Talented liaison and the department chair of the social studies department. She is also on the social committee which supports teachers in times of grief or pick me ups.

Mrs. Morrell loves Janitell and even calls it her home away from home. Mrs. Morrell believes that “Working at Janitell is like being a part of a family -- most days are positive, some days are tough, but we work through it, both staff and students.” She wants students to thrive and get support from others. She says that “students for sure affect [her] more than other teachers -- building relationships with students and wanting the best for them is why she comes to work everyday.”

Mrs. Morrell gets “beyond frustrated when she feels like students aren’t living up to their own potential or don't have the support at home to help them see their full potential.” Mrs. Morrell is a true role model for teachers and always has a positive attitude towards her students. Mr. Flesher said that,”Mrs. Morell is creative, dynamic, organised, inspiring, and Easy to collaborate with. Janitell wouldn't be the same without her. She is a natural teacher, and she builds relationships with students and staff easily.”

That's why Mrs. Morrell is truly one of the best teachers that I and most other students have met.

Reporting by Dean & Serena; Editing by Brody & Mr. Flesher; Image by Janitell


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