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Summer Fun for Teachers!
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In elementary school, almost everyone thought their teachers live inside the school! Obviously that’s not the case, so we actually interviewed a few teachers about their summer plans.

Mr. Madrid said he was going on a road trip to almost all of the southwest! Mrs. Heckman said she was going to do "lots of travel, to Connecticut, Disneyland, Portland, and hanging out with family."

Mrs. Little is going to be "gardening and sleeping late." Mrs. Oslin is, possibly, going to South Korea, seeing her baby nephew, and hanging out with her puppy."

Lastly, Mrs. Roberds’ son is graduating from high school and she is going to Disneyland, Seaworld, and the beach. 

In an article by Hey Teach it states, "It might surprise some students to learn that their teachers look forward to summer breaks as much as—maybe even more than—they do." 

And I hope all the teachers have a great  summer! 

Reporting by Anne C.; Editing by Kayden J. & Mr. Flesher; the image used in this article is used according to a Creative Commons license: