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Science Meets Anime -- Cells At Work!
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The human body is a marvel. There are 37.2 TRILLION cells in the human body, all working hard to maintain a healthy life. From red blood cells to Helper-T-Cells, the human body has it all. And this is the topic of the anime, “Cells At Work!”. This passively informative anime is a reproduction of the manga, “Hataraku Saibou!”.  The original manga was written and illustrated by Akane Schmizu in Japan and started in January of 2015 as part of a magazine called Monthly Shonen Sirius. 

Cells At Work! is an anime about a red blood cell, number 3886, who commonly gets lost in multiple places throughout the body. The anime takes place inside of the human body and revolves around two main characters- the aforementioned red blood cell, now to be referred to as 3886, and a neutrophil (white blood cell), numbered 1146. Some additional side characters are- The platelets- A girl-scout-like troop of little girls who repair the wounds using fibrin. Helper-T-Cell- The “head” immune cell who sends the Killer-T-Cells and other immune cells to the site of damage/infection. Dendritic Cell- a cell who presents virus/ bacteria data to helper T-cells in order to form attack strategies. Now, back to the synopsis. Red Blood Cell 3886, not only gets lost very commonly, but also finds herself running from bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Every time, though, she just barely gets saved by White Blood Cell 1146. The show covers a lot of topics, like cytokines (si-toh-kinez), Lactic Acid Bacteria, macrophages, naive T-cell activation, how platelets seal wounds, and much, much more.

Overall, Cells At Work! Is an amazing anime that I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s interested in the immune, cardiovascular, muscular system, and more. The way the anime represents cells and their jobs is great, and the anime covers a lot of topics.

This review did not cover Cells At Work: Code BLACK. This is because it is a nearly entirely different anime, with new characters, story, and ideals. This Review was simply made to tell people about this amazing anime and does not have any opinion/ bias.

Reporting by Garrett J.; Editing by Mr. Flesher


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