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Rushing, Rushing, Russian, Robots?
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Take your mind away from the politics with Russia. Think about Russians in general. They are human like you and me. They are human like the creator of the interesting masterpiece shown in the photo below. The robot was created by Richard M. and Fred H. The drawing, however, was created by Derek D.

This project was one of the tasks given to the robotics students, Grandma’s Chair. For these kids the project started as another bland problem, but on the road, it was a winding six-laned highway. THe author of this article thought “it was very intriguing in the end, especially when we were creating the drawing. There were a couple of difficulties on the road but the long time effect was worth it.”

Along with these tasks were the Tekrocks bridge, the freight elevator, the tank, and much more. Every kid had a different experience with their building. This was only one. If you want to do it yourself, visit the PLTW site.

Reporting by Richard M.; Editing by Joseph J. & Mr. Flesher; image by Janitell