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Volume 1 of My Hero Academia
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The amount of Manga out there in the world is enormous, so where should you start? Your helpful writers at the Janitell Anime Club are happy to help you with recommendations. Start with My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia is about a world full of Quirks, which are supernatural powers. 80% of the world has Quirks, but there is a boy who didn't have a Quirk. His name is Izuku Midoriya. In a world where many people have used their powers for selfish or evil reasons, Izuku the Quirkless became a hero. Season One is his story.

My Hero Academia is important to read because it teaches us lessons about life. First, we should never give up on our dreams. When Midoriya was bullied and was told to give up on his dreams, he still tried really hard and never gave up, showing us that dreams can come true if we try. Second, we should never listen to bad influences. The only reason Midoroya made it so far is because he didn't listen to those bullies throughout his life. That’s an important lesson for our lives.

My Hero Academia has really compelling characters. Tomura Shigaraki is a tragic character. When he first developed his Quirk, it was Decay; everything he touched decayed into ashes. Tomura killed his family by accident. All For One found him and cared for him, teaching him to be a villain.

Another compelling character is Shoto Todoroki who was traumatized at a young age due to his Quirk. His Quirk was Half-Hot and Half-Cold because his mom’s Quirk was ice and his father’s was fire. His father wanted Todoroki to use his hot side, so he abused him and forcefully trained him. Later, the father abused his whole family, which caused his mother to go crazy, attacking Todoroki, so he grew up to never use his father's side.

My Hero Academia might intrigue you. It has a great story, powerful lessons, and intriguing characters. 

Written by Sofia C. and Selena C.,