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Friday Club: Magic the Gathering
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Game Punks Club, the club devoted to the strategy game, Magic the Gathering, is every Friday in the Janitell Library! Check out the following news story on Magic by Bradley B. The audio version of the story is below. 
The summer may have been boring for many students who have been awaiting the return of challenging games at school, like Magic the Gathering. There are many regular magic players at Janitell -- and many great decks built by students. 

I recently had a conversation with Mr. Acri, a skilled magic player and asked him how Magic the Gathering is beneficial to students. He told me, “it teaches them strategy skills, works on communication with peers, it can help with math, and it 
helps with keeping track of your thoughts.” 

I asked him why he likes Magic the Gathering, and he said, “I like it because it is a fun way to socialize with my friends and it helped me escape tough times.”

Well, there you have it Jags: Magic the Gathering is helpful to students that struggle with socializing and who like strategy games.

Reporting Bradley B.; Editing by Mr. Flesher

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