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Encore! A Choir Wrap-up
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When you don’t see the choir performing, what are they up to?

Every year is busy, and this year is no exception. After coming back from two years of being stuck in a pandemic, our choir still works as hard as they would pre-pandemic. All of these classes have done amazingly well, but Select Choir has done so much.

From switchbacks, to contest, from Winter to Spring concerts, Sselect has done it all and more. Boys choir has gone to a Men's Choir Festival, the Switchbacks game, and more. Beginning choir has conquered 6th Grade Festival, Pasta Night, and Solo and Ensemble.

All of these groups have done an excellent job and have created a symphony and a legacy. The students who participated in solo and ensemble, and Honor Choir, were awarded for their hard work at our last concert.

Rilee B. described choir experience in one word: "Amazing – my favorite parts of being in choir was singing all of our different songs. My favorite song was Best Day of my Life." 

Wrapping up the year has made me realize that choir has helped me join a family, so if you’ve been on the fence about joining choir, do it. You won’t regret it.

Reporting by Mars F.; Editing by Brody.W; image by Janitell


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