Selected News

Janitell cheerleaders stand in two rows while cheering at a football game.
  • Student Reporting

“Cheerleading is a sport, and we do work hard in there. I want to remind everyone of that,” says Mrs. Timms our cheerleading coach. Mrs. Timms has taught cheerleading to our Jags for ten years! There are currently 11 cheerleaders on the team. Mrs.Timms says that she will not accept more than 20 cheerleaders on the team. When asked what they were working on, she said we are working on building the team for stunts and dances. We asked for her thoughts about the upcoming tryouts, and she tells us that she is curious to see who shows up. When asked why they wanted to start cheering, Vadia, an 8th grade student, said “It seemed fun and I got to spend more time with friends, and I also wanna cheer in highschool so I thought I might as well start early.” When Rilee, an 8th grader, was asked how nervous she was to start cheering, she said “I was really nervous and so scared when I went home. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” Natalee, who is also a 8th grader, said “Bonding with new people is my favorite part of cheering.”

Reporting by Amara B, Emily A, and Rylan R.