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Are Parents Accepting Enough of Their Children?
  • Student Reporting

You tell your parents shocking news -- something new that you have never told them in your life -- and how do they react? Parents are human, as is everyone, and this means they are all different. In this scenario different parents could mean that, they support you, they try to change you, or they yell at you. The list could go on! So, I decided to ask some students here at Janitell to see if their parents are accepting of them, because I believe not all parents would be super-accepting of their children in certain scenarios, or even real scenarios. 

I asked two of my classmates about acceptance by parents. One said “Although my parents may not agree with me on everything, I know that they are just trying to make sure I don't make the same mistakes that they did.” Another student said, “While some parents may word it in a way that they accept them, that may not always be the truth. My parents at first say that they may either accept me or understand me, but they I have later learned that is not true.”

What I make from these comments is that parents hide their disappointment from children in a way which doesn’t work that well. One last quote is from another student is, “I believe that my parents, 'yes, love me,' but will not except me if I were to tell them who I am ...” 

Parents seem to hide their disapproval for their children. Of course not all parents are like this; some straight up show it and confront their children. Still others are truly accepting. Are most parents accepting enough of their children? Or are most of them truly stuck back when being different wasn’t acceptable?

Reporting by Daniel M.; Editing by Kayden J. & Mr. Flesher; the image used in this article is used according to a Creative Commons license: