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Drama is starting to wrap up their plays and getting ready to start up a new scene in their lives. All the drama students are getting ready to move on to the next grade; some are going to 8th grade and some are going to high school.

The students wrapped up drama class with their end of the year plays. There we so many great plays, but some of my favorites were Spider-man and The Outsiders. Both had amazing performances.

Spider-man was done by Cordae, Fabian, Steven, and Esten. Fabian says, “I was extremely nervous the first time I was up there, but after a while I got used to it.”

Speaking of greatness, for the first year ever in the history of drama class, Mr.Madrid has started to give people Oscars for their great achievements. He says, “I felt like some groups were working harder than other and that the people who were working so hard deserve something to show how good they were doing -- so I came up with the idea and had the class vote on who they think did the best with everything.”

Some of the Oscar recipients were Elaynah S. and Elena V. Elaynah said, “It was super cool getting best actress. It made me feel very happy that my hard work had paid off.” Everybody has mixed feeling about leaving this school year behind and starting anew, but as the drama kids say, “The show must go on.”

Reporting by Rilee B.; Editing by Mars F. & Mr. Flesher; Image by Janitell