Student Handbook


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As you are shopping for this year's school clothes, please keep the following in mind:

  • Shorts, dresses, skirts, etc., should fall below mid-thigh. If you are not sure if the article of clothing will follow WSD3 dress code, check to make sure it extends below the fingertips when arms are straight down at the sides. Holes in shorts or pants should also fall below this point
  • Clothes should also cover torso, so please void the following:
    • exposed midriffs (shirts should overlap pants)
    • muscle shirts
    • single shoulder tops
    • open backs
    • spaghetti straps (undergarments should not be visible)
    • sheer fabrics
  • Clothing and accessories cannot include anything disruptive to the learning environment, including:
    • references to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, or gambling
    • sexual innuendo
    • references to gangs
    • obscenities
    • threaten the safety or welfare of others