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  • 7th Grade Coaches 
    • Curtis Esch -
    • Dan Murphy -
  • 8th Grade Coaches 
    • Mitch Mueller -
    • Jake Riehl - 


Season Information


Football Rules

  •  Football requires a minimum of 9 days of practice before an athlete may participate in a contest.
    • a) 3 days no contact-helmet only, 2 days light contact (bags) and 6th day begins full contact.
  •  Equipment cannot be issued for use prior to the start date.
  •  Length of quarters: 7 minutes for 7th grade and 8 minutes for 8th grade.
  •  Half time will be 5 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for mandatory warm-up (8 total). There will be 8 minutes between games. There are no pre-games in football.
  • 8th grade games are played first followed by the 7th grade games.
  • Tie games for 8th grade will use the California tie breaker system: each team gets the chance to score from the opponent’s 10 yard line in four downs until there is a winner. Games ending in a tie for 7th grade will end in a tie.
    • Play-off tie breaker rule (8th grade –refer to general rule #14)
  • Mercy Rule: In the second half, if at any time the score differential is 30 points or greater; the clock will run continuously for the rest of the game except for scores, penalties, injuries, and timeouts (SPIT rule).
  • If a game is postponed due to weather, the league will use the CHSAA guidelines and continue from where the game left off unless there is a mutual agreement between coaches in conjunction with Athletic Directors.
  • All teams will have a game the semi-final week.
    • The 7th grade team will follow their 8th graders and play the opposing 7th grade team in the semi-final week. This is the 7th grade team’s 6th and final game of the season.
  • Only the top 2 teams in each division will have the opportunity to play in the championship game.
  • Keep players’ boxes clear of fans and parents, with a physical boundary to keep spectators away from the playing field and sideline.
  • Schools use a TDY sized football.