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Activities & Athletics

Janitell has a wide variety of high-quality after school programs. We provide students with enriching and enjoyable activities beyond regular school hours. These programs offer numerous benefits that can help your child grow, learn, and have fun at the same time!


Why Choose Janitell's After School Programs?

  • Holistic Development: Our after-school programs focus on nurturing your child's physical, mental, and creative abilities. From sports to arts and academics, we offer a diverse range of activities to meet every child's interests.
  • Skill Building: These programs provide your child with opportunities to develop new skills and talents. Whether it's improving their teamwork through sports, honing artistic talents, or building critical thinking abilities through academic clubs, your child will flourish.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Through after school activities, students gain confidence in their abilities and learn to embrace challenges. This confidence will positively impact various aspects of their life.
  • Social Connections: Making friends with shared interests is a significant part of social growth in middle school. In our after-school programs, your child will have the chance to interact with peers beyond their classrooms, fostering lasting friendships.
  • Safe and Supervised Environment: Rest assured that your child will be in a secure and supervised environment during these activities. Our dedicated staff ensures the well-being and safety of all participants.

What kinds of after school activities does Janitell offer?

  • Sports: Janitell has a long tradition of athletic excellence, and we maintain that tradition through a variety of sports programs that promote improved physical fitness, develop leadership skills, and teach a variety of important life skills. Find out more about Janitell Athletics here.
  • The Arts: Janitell is also know as a highly-ranked arts school. Our after school programs support our arts classes and include band, orchestra, choir, drama, and a variety of other arts, including photography, audio technology, origami, and other visual arts. 
  • Strategies: Janitell is strongly committed to developing critical and strategic thinkers through tabletop competition and recreation. Janitell offers after school programming that focuses on chess and wargames, roleplaying games, collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, Rubik's Cub, and board games. 
  • Explorations: Janitell cultivates a passion for science and the natural world through experiments and hands-on learning in our after school robotics, coding, and 3D printing clubs, and through super-popular skill-building clubs like Cooking and Gardening. 
  • Homework Support: Janitell teachers make sure that our students have the support they need after school to do home work and get the extra help they may need with specific skills.

Check out Clubs News to find out about the current after school schedule.