Dungeons & Dragons Club

Janitell ensures that all students have opportunities to be part of the school community. We offer a variety after school activities and clubs. Click here for the list of current after school activities! 

Research shows that teens who regularly participate in after school programs are much more likely to succeed in school and beyond. Extracurricular activities provide many benefits for teens:

Structured time: Extracurricular activities provide our students with a structured and supervised activity to participate in, which promote healthy social behavior. 


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Positive role models: our extracurricular activities are led by positive role models, including our coaches teachers, who provide guidance and support to our students.

Social connections: our activities provide teens with an opportunity to make new friends and be part of a team or group, which helps improve social connections and support.

Self-esteem and confidence: Participating in extracurricular activities helps our students build self-esteem and confidence.