Mr. Tutje and the Morning Announcements

Principal - Josh Tutje ( - 719-391-3295)

Assistant Principal - Shaun Vancil ( - 719-391-3301)

Dean of Students - Rebecca Piltz ( - 719-391-3302)

The principals at Janitell believe in building and maintaining a partnership with parents and students. Together we can help all students achieve strong academic and personal developments. We have several objectives that are focused on meeting that goal:

Good communication: We believe that parents should be be kept informed in a timely manner about their child's education and any important challenges at the school.

Fair and firm discipline: Janitell is a safe and respectful learning environment -- mission number one for our staff. We establish and enforce clear expectations for all students, and we work with parents to help all students meet those expectations.

Support for student academic and personal growth: We want all students to succeed academically and personally. We support and encourage students in their learning and development, and we foster a positive and supportive school culture.

Collaborative approach: We want parents to be involved in their child's education, and we value your input. We always strive to build positive relationships and a sense of community within the school.