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Students in Standardized Testing
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Janitell Families,

As many know, CMAS is the annual state test Colorado public schools take in the spring. Janitell will take the tests in April. While there are many opinions about CMAS and how the data is used, I wanted to take a moment to share with you the reasons why this assessment is important for both your child and the Janitell community. 

Taking this test can positively impact your child and their learning. 

  • CMAS provides Janitell valuable information about students’ individual strengths and areas of growth while allowing us to see gaps and address them by tailoring teaching strategies to meet your child’s needs. 
  • Students must take standardized tests in high school regardless of their chosen path. The SAT is now a requirement for graduation, and CMAS is a great practice opportunity for this test. 
  • If students are planning to attend college, there are a number of exams that are similar to CMAS that they may need to take. CMAS provides valuable practice for these assessments.
  • For many trades, there are tests that students must first pass. In taking CMAS, students gain exposure to formal testing situations.
  • Most importantly, however, it is our hope that no matter what direction your child decides to go in life, by taking these tests, he or she is practicing life skills such as perseverance and taking pride in their efforts – diving into hard things and experiencing a sense of accomplishment. 

CMAS results can also produce positive results for the entire Janitell community. 

  • The School Performance Framework the state uses to score schools plays an important role in measuring the overall success of Janitell. 
  • Our performance rating from the state helps attract new students and staff, as both groups often look at this information online when making school decisions. 
  • We show the community we provide a high-quality education to our students; something potential homebuyers also look at when moving to our community. 

Ultimately, these testing days can be used as a great opportunity to show off all of the hard work that your children and our staff have put in this school year. We have reduced the number of days that the test takes from last year, and we plan to make the testing days a positive experience for all learners by providing social breaks, snacks for students, and engaging, fun lessons the rest of the day after the testing in the mornings. We will also celebrate at the end of the week with a fun assembly!

This is Janitell’s “Super Bowl,” and we would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to do their best on CMAS next week. Together, we can make a difference for your children and our community!


Josh Tutje