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The Janitell Stock Exchange -- Economics Simulation
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Stock Exchange

Students from Mrs. Morrell's Gifted and Talented class and Mrs. Cook's Economics class are participating in a dynamic economics simulation. This unique project incorporates the creation of student-run corporations responsible for selling 3D models at the school's marketplace, the Jag Mart. The program integrates a stock market element, managed by the school librarian, Mr. Flesher, providing students with the opportunity to buy and sell shares in these student-led companies.


Under the guidance of their teachers, students from the Gifted and Talented class have taken on the role of entrepreneurs, forming corporations dedicated to conceptualizing, producing, and marketing various 3D models. These products -- ranging from pencil holders to dragons to finger shoes -- are then made available for purchase at the Jag Mart, creating a bustling marketplace within the school.


Students from Mrs. Cook's Economics class are engaging in the stock market component of the simulation, under the management of Mr. Flesher at the Janitell Stock Exchange (the Library). They buy and sell shares of stock in these student-created companies. The stock prices of these corporations fluctuate based on both internal stock transactions among the students and the actual sales of the 3D prints, creating an authentic mirror of the dynamics seen in real-world markets.

All transactions in the game are denominated in the school currency, the Jag Buck.

There are multiple educational objectives for the simulation, including:

  • Financial Decision Making: Students engage in decision-making about their corporations, managing finances, and making choices about production and sales strategies.
  • Entrepreneurship: Students operate their own businesses within the simulation, exploring the roles and responsibilities of entrepreneurs in the economy.
  • Supply and Demand: Students learn how supply and demand dynamics influence the success of their corporations and impact stock prices in the simulation.
  • Opportunity Cost: Students consider the opportunity cost in their decisions, as they invest time and resources in specific 3D models and stock shares, understanding the trade-offs involved.
  • Global Economic Concepts: While the simulation is within the school environment, students learn about economic concepts that apply to global systems, such as trading, resource allocation, and economic interdependence.

The collaboration between Mrs. Morrell's Gifted and Talented class, Mrs. Cook's Economics class, and the guidance of Mr. Flesher at the Janitell Library reflects the school's commitment to fostering well-rounded, practical learning experiences for students, equipping them with invaluable skills for their future pursuits.

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