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Science at Janitell -- Mr. Gordon!
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Mr. Gordon has taught at Janitell for 12 years. Have you ever wondered what's in his mind after all this time? Mr. Gordon is very passionate about his class, whether it's taking notes or doing fun lab experiments, and he shows it! Mr. Gordon shows his passion while saying, “To me it was the playing around, experimenting, hands-on stuff that I thought was most fun.”
Although sometimes students do struggle with something we call chemistry and physics. Mr. Gordon states that “You know, it's gonna definitely vary for many students. You know, when we do chemistry and physics in particular, we run into more math related things.” 

One of the most important things you have to remember in a classroom are rules, what do you think Mr. Gordon’s most important rules are? Well, he says, “it would be coming in with a positive and cooperative attitude…”

Mr. Gordon is also very appreciative of the world around him, “...and I want students to be able to do the same thing, you know, to appreciate respect and you know, and experience the world around them…”

With how long Mr. Gordon has been teaching he can inspire his students with his passion more than ever, “…because, um, I can get excited about what I want my students to do about the teaching and learning.” Thank you Mr. Gordon for inspiring many classes over your time at Janitell. 

Reporting by Samara S. and Edward S.

Hiya! I’m Samara S., but my nickname is Smorez so call me either of those! My favorite classes to take are JAG News, Poets Corner, Design and Modeling, and Geography. I don’t have many interests or hobbies but I like editing and writing whenever I have the motivation to do so. Even though I haven't been in any clubs IN MY LIFE I’m really interested in the Cooking Club and the Video Production club. I can’t tell you what my favorite book is, but I like horror and more realistic books, and my absolute favorite kind of books are history-fiction books! I hope whoever's reading this has a delightful day!



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