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Janitell Student is a Competitive Hockey Player
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What is your favorite sport? You may say Football, Soccer, or even Volleyball. For me, it is without a doubt Hockey. Hockey has been around since 1857, and since then we’ve gotten my greats: Wayne Grekskey, Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, and upcoming Conner Bedard. Like my coach says, “Hockey is about chances; the longer you think about, them the less chance you have” 

I take my coach's knowledge very seriously. I play on the Tigers, which is a club team. My team is currently undefeated, and you can immediately tell why our practices are brutal. We first start off with 1V1, 2V2, or sometimes 3V3. Then we go straight into skating drills, followed up by some more competitive drills. But Hockey is not always what happens on the ice; it is also what happens off the ice. 

As a team, it is important to bond on and off the ice beause if one thing makes you a better player it's your teammates. It's all about what happens in the locker room. Before practice and during tournaments really are a good time to bond with your team. The more connected the better player and team you will become. But what's your favorite sport? How well are you and your teammates connected and will that change the course of the game for you?
Hockey has changed my life for the better -- and worse -- but mainly for the better. Last year me and my team were not the greatest at the beginning of the year, but with practice and bonding, sweat and tears, we managed to win the state championship. Like my coach said, hockey is a game of chances. So what chances are you willing to take?

By Paxton K.

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