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Janitell Marks 50 Years of Excellence with Grand Celebration
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Janitell Junior High School, a cornerstone of education in Widefield, celebrated its 50th anniversary on September 15th with a grand celebration held in the AP Room at the school. The event drew dozens of former students and staff members who gathered to reminisce about their time at Janitell and honor the institution's enduring legacy.

The festivities kicked off with a warm welcome by the current principal, Josh Tutje, who expressed his gratitude for the enduring support from the Janitell community. He highlighted the school's consistent commitment to excellence -- and the continuity of community -- over the past five decades. Speeches by prominent alumni took attendees on a nostalgic journey through their Janitell experiences. 

AP Room 1

Former students and staff members were given the opportunity to revisit their old stomping grounds on tours through the familiar classrooms, hallways, the library, and the gymnasium.

As a memento of the 50th anniversary celebration, all attendees received a specially designed 50th-anniversary memorial coin. 

One of the highlights of the celebration was the historical presentations by Mrs. Morrel's Gifted and Talented class. The students had put together captivating displays that showcased the school's history and the cultural backdrop of the 1970s, complete with artifacts, photographs, and anecdotes. The presentations offered a fascinating look into the school's evolution and the societal changes that occurred during that era.

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The event concluded on a high note with a sense of unity, pride, and shared history among the attendees. Janitell's 50th-anniversary celebration served not only as a testament to its enduring educational excellence but also as a heartwarming reunion for generations of students and staff members who have been touched by the institution's enduring legacy. 

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