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Check out a School Laptop
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Welcome to another technology-filled school year! 

Please fill out the device agreement so that your student has all the tools they need to succeed. You can put "don't know" for the student number and email address, if you don't know those yet.

School laptops will be issued to students during the week of August 14th. If you don't fill out a device agreement, your student will need a parent-provided laptop. After receiving the laptop, please fill out the device receipt so that you can mention any nicks or scratches on the laptop.

If your student has any outstanding technology fees from last year, those will need to be paid before a new laptop will be issued. You can easily pay fees here.


Here are some important tips for your school laptop:

1) Mr. Flesher in the library is here to help you with any technology problems. If you need any technology assistance, go visit the Janitell Library.

2) Keep track of your charger. In fact, you should just leave it at home. The number one reason that chargers get lost is that students lend them to a friend but don't get them back. If you lose your charger, the replacement cost is $25.

3) Charge your laptop every night before you go to sleep. If you keep it charged, then you don't even need to bring the charger to school, so it can't get lost.


4) Be gentle with your laptop. The screen is the most fragile part of the laptop. If you press too hard on the screen, you can damage it. If you throw your backpack around with your laptop in it, you can damage it. Screens cost $100 to replace, so take good care of yours!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mr. Flesher, our librarian:, 719-391-3322.


  • Parents
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