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Gifted and Talented


The Gifted and Talented program at Janitell offers a curriculum that is tailored to the needs and interests of our students. We identify GT students, offer advanced and accelerated coursework, independent study, and other forms of enrichment. 

Gifted and talented students benefit from instruction that is tailored to their unique needs and interests, and that provides them with opportunities to learn and grow at a pace that is appropriate for their ability level. The GT program at Janitell focuses on the following:

  • Challenging and engaging curriculum: Janitell provides advanced and accelerated content to keep our gifted and talented students stimulated and motivated.

  • Opportunities for creativity and independent learning: Gifted and talented students often have a strong desire to explore their own interests, so Janitell provides many interest-based and self-directed learning activities.

  • Social and emotional support: Gifted and talented students sometimes face unique social and emotional challenges, such as feeling isolated from their peers or experiencing perfectionism. The GT Program at Janitell supports our students by building a community of advanced learners.

  • Parent and community involvement: We want our parents to be involved in the program and support their child's education. Collaborating with and involving parents is a priority at Janitell.


We recognize that not all gifted and talented students benefit from the same types of instruction, and it may be necessary to try different approaches to find what works best for each individual student.

Our Gifted and Talented teacher, Jennifer Morrell, is an experienced GT teacher who builds strong relationships with students, provides engaging instruction, and meets the individual needs of all her GT students.